Now, You Can Get The Fragrance Of The First Rain As A Perfume

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11:51 pm 3 Jul, 2016

You may have come across many perfumes but, this is surely an unique one.

Mitti Attar is a perfume that has smell of the first rain. It is made by perfumeries in Kannauj, Uttar Pradesh.

According to the government-run Fragrance & Flavour Development Centre (FFDC), out of 400 attar perfumeries in Kannauj, about 10 per cent of them make the mitti attar.


Mitti attar is made using clay extracted from the topsoil and baked in a kiln. HT

Mitti attar is made using clay extracted from the topsoil and baked in a kiln.

Making Mitti Attar is a long process. The process takes about 15 working days.

The clay is extracted from the topsoil and baked in a kiln, then immersed in water within copper cauldrons, which are then sealed with earth.

“The clay used for this purpose is baked exactly like a chapati. First, it is made into a soft dough, then flattened into discs, which are baked at a fairly high temperature to prepare them for hydro-distillation,” Shakti Vinay Shukla, director of the FFDC told HT.

The attar is stored in leather bottles, which absorb the moisture and further concentrate the fragrance.


Besides being used as a fragrance, Mitti Attar is also used as an air freshener, an essential oil in aromatherapy. The price of bottle varies from Rs 40 to Rs 1,000 for 10 ml.

“I have been hoarding my 100 ml bottle for about four years now because I love how amazing it smells,” says Suman Bolar, 45, a freelance writer from Bangalore.


The mitti attar is now available on Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal, among other e-commerce sites. According to Akhilesh Pathak, who inherited oldest attar-manufacturing companies, the sales have been increasing. “We have growing demand in India and foreign countries,” he added.


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