These Officials Feared Losing Their Shoes, So They Asked Villagers To Give Them A Ride On Their Back

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12:02 pm 15 Sep, 2016

Locals in Sirpur village in Mahasamund district of Chattisgarh have been panic-stricken as scores of wild elephants have strayed into the human settlement and destroyed their houses and food grains.

After spending sleepless nights the locals informed the forest authorities which in turn sent some of its officers to carry out an inspection.

To reach the village the officers have to cross a nullah but to the utter surprise of the villagers the officials woudn’t thought it prudent to remove their shoes.

The officers feared that their shoes will get destroyed if they cross the nullah on their own.

So, the officers asked the villagers to get them cross the nullah by riding on their back.

Villagers, already living under the terror of wild elephants, had to obey their call and made these officials cross the nullah.



However, the visit of these officials has yielded no fruit, as locals are still living the under the fear of wild elephants. And now they have to carry the extra burden of the government.

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