Foreign Students Adopt Hindi Names In Maharashtra’s Wardha And They Love It

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9:19 am 15 Sep, 2016

Every year about 40 foreign students come to Mahatma Gandhi International Hindi University in Wardha, Maharashtra, to study Hindi.



During the course, each student gets a new name in Hindi. But some students develop a liking for their new names so much that they like being called upon with their new names.

This is the reason why Chenway is now Diksha and Chui Foming is now Ashish. Both are Chinese students.

Chenway from China is now Diksha bhaskar

Chenway from China is now Diksha bhaskar

Likewise, Thailand’s student Shagbhiri has adopted the name of Suvarna Divya and China’s Tan Shyuran is now known as Karina.

The global university was opened in 2001 to spread the Hindi language and every year an international seminar is also being held.

Chui Foming from China is now Ashish.  bhaskar

Chui Foming from China is now Ashish. bhaskar

For foreign students learning Hindi is important in order to know the country’s culture and religions. The Hindi language is used in nearly 30 countries across the globe.

This year the university has received 43 students from China, Mauritius, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Italy, Japan, Belgium, US and Scotland. These students are doing a wide variety of courses ranging from six months to one year.

According to China’s Diksha, she has liked Hindi so much that she now wants to be a teacher in this subject.

Thailand’s Shagbhiri says he teaches Hindi to 200 students back in Thailand and he is at present doing research on Thai and Hindi literature.



China’s Karina says she wants to become a translator as so to spread the Indian and Chinese literature.

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