10 Small Things Girls Can Do To Bring A Magical Change In Their Everyday Lives

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10:00 am 10 Sep, 2015

Whether you are a student, a working lady or a housewife, these few tips will give your life a magical makeover. Being a woman has its own hardships but facing each of them boldly is an even bigger challenge. Here are a few very basic things that girls can focus on to make their lives a little better:

1. Talk to yourself because you often need expert advice.

Never forget that only you know yourself the best! The darkest of secrets are buried inside your heart and what impact it can have on your life no one knows better than you.

To bring magical change

2. Compliment yourself because self-praise is the best praise

Most of the ladies love to get flattered but why look to others for compliments when you can be your best critic and best fan at the same time? Use Kareena’s dialogue: “Main apni favorite hoon”, and feel the magical difference.

3. Remove toxic people who are are injurious to your life.

Drugs are harmful for the body and so are toxic people for your soul, so better maintain a distance from such people. It will be a rude thing to ignore anyone but you should set the boundaries for every person in your life.

To bring magical change

4. Sitting alone in silence for at least five minutes a day can keep distractions away.

Believe it or not, closing your eyes for these five minutes will give you the flashback of the things which are most important to you. It can be any random stuff but it has a strong impact on you which made you feel that way.

To bring magical change

5. Devote yourself to prayer and let your message reach the almighty everyday.

Prayer doesn’t always mean asking something from God but we must also be thankful to the Almighty for the lifestyle he has given to us. Before you pray for yourself learn to pray for others.

6. Become a fitness freak by exercising regularly.

Achieving that size zero figure must not be your target but to live a healthy life you must be fit and flexible enough so that you can take any challenge – be it physical or mental.

7. There’s nothing better than a healthy diet.

Diet doesn’t always mean a crash diet. Diet means drinking 3-4 litres of water every day and after the Maggi scandal, it’s better to rely on what nature offers us than packaged foods.

8. Your body deserves rest so give it proper relaxation.

Your body is your own temple, even the gates to temple and church are closed for a certain duration. So you must be careful enough to take enough rest so that your body doesn’t take a toll on you.

9. Always try to respect others because what goes around comes around.

It’s not a must to love everyone but, like you, others have their own flaws and strength. You must be sensible enough to respect others and you will get it back in return.

10. Take up a hobby of your choice and let it kill you.

Irrespective of the time you spend working or studying or doing daily chores, you must take time out for that one thing you love doing the most. It may be writing, singing, dancing, gardening the list is long but if you nurture a hobby, it will make you even more confident.


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