Abandoned At 7, Handicapped At 12, Yet Footballer Mohammad Abdullah Never Gave Up

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1:08 pm 13 Sep, 2016

Mohammad Abdullah is a 22-year old Bangladeshi football fan, who lost both his legs in a freak train accident ten years ago.


Abdullah, who’s mother had abandoned him at the age of 7, was left alone in a hospital after the accident and no one from his family even made contact with him after that.

The hospital authorities eventually sent him to an orphanage, but he couldn’t stay there for long and after 18 months, he ran away.


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But it was his passion for football that motivated him to not give up.


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His passion was later noticed by Aparajeyo Bangla in 2003, a non-government organization that helps street kids and provides them shelter and bed.

They provided Abdulla a bed for the ten years and then helped him move to a shelter for older boys.

In these 10 years, Aparajeyo Bangla’s coach helped Abdullah pursue his passion and encouraged him to practice.


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His passion has now taken Abdullah to the National Stadium in Bangladesh.

Though he only plays at that the basic level, him having no legs has never stopped him from playing a good game.

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While football has remained his passion, Abdullah also has to earn money so as to look after himself.

After dedicating a few hours a day to training, Abdullah travels to Sadarghat Terminal at the Central Ferry station in Dhaka and for eight hours every day works as a luggage porter.

A hard day’s work earns him 100 taka a day, which he uses to pay for his meals and for his passion.

‘I will starve if I do not work. I have no one to look after me or support me so I cannot play football all day. If given a chance to play professionally, I will avail the offer by any means but who will ever help me? It is a dream to take my talents further but I can only dream about it.’

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