These 7 Flipkart Reviews Perfectly Beat Down Chetan Bhagat’s Arrogance

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6:50 pm 2 Jan, 2016

Honestly, I admired Chetan Bhagat till the time he decided to become an author. Jokes apart, his Indie style of writing crisped with Hinglish made him a household name. But outside those household walls, he enjoyed only a pocketful of respect and was bombarded with a hailstorm of criticism.

I was looking to buy his last book ‘Half-girlfriend’ from Flipkart but the reviews changed my mind. Chetan Bhagat, I know you have no time to read those comments, so I collected the best of them for you:

1. Well, this is what he thinks about himself.

wpn10 (1)




2. His books are as cheap as his writing.

download (4)

Capture 4

3. He believes he is a revolutionary.


download (5)


Capture 6


4. Also, Obama has a grammar test for him.

download (6)

Capture 7

download (8)


5. He is still proud of his arrogance.


Capture 8

6. He believes that he is changing our nation. Really?

download (9)

Capture 9

download (10)


7. I guess he is, in a way!

Capture 10



Rest in peace. Chetan Bhagat. While others are..



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