16 Reasons Why A Piscean Finds It Difficult To Connect With Others

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7:00 pm 7 Jul, 2015

Pisces is a very complicated zodiac sign. The symbol – two fishes swimming in opposite directions –points to the inner conflict Pisceans go through.

1. Pisces is the most sensitive sign of the zodiac.


2. Being the most sensitive zodiac sign, Pisces understand the feelings of others better than anyone else.


3. Pisces often have a confused state of mind.


4. It is very, very difficult to figure out what a Piscean is thinking because they are always fighting with emotions within.


5. They are always on the hunt for new experiences but they prefer to take a friend along on their adventures.


6. They are so selfless that they often place the expectations of others from them over their own.


7. They either cannot distinguish reality from fantasy or find it extremely difficult to do so.


8. Instinct, not intellect, and emotion, not rationality, drives a Piscean.


9. They are a highly creative lot. Perhaps the most creative beings on planet zodiac.


10. A Piscean can get easily irritated and they are susceptible to emotional withdrawals.


11. Pisceans trust everyone. Literally.


12. Though they are very caring, Pisceans take an awful lot of time to get really close to people.

They trust easily, but their withdrawal tendencies often take them away from everyone.


13. They can be easily manipulated by everyone with an intention to do so.


14. Sex is not on top of a Piscean mind. They prefer emotional attachment more than physical.


15. Pisceans rarely become great leaders because they are by nature a subservient lot.

They, however, perform very well under proper guidance. Pisceans often become successful architects and lawyers.


16. Most astrologers believe that the negative traits of the Pisces sign are more dominating.

Which is the sudden urge to recoil in a cocoon or get too emotional over petty affairs.


The sign of Pisces, however, gels well with Scorpio, Capricorn and Cancer. So find them and be happy!

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