This 14-Year-Old Indian Created An App To Help Fishermen Navigate, And Google Rewarded Him

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4:18 pm 21 Jul, 2016

We are probably breeding a generation of young geniuses in India.

Advay Ramesh, a 14-year-old Chennai resident, recently bagged a $10,000 reward from Google’s Community Impact Award for developing a GPS-powered app, FishErmen Lifeline Terminal (FELT), which is meant to help fishermen navigate safely in deep oceans.


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Rameshwaram in South India recently witnessed a number of cases where fishermen went missing in the Indian Ocean and often ended up crossing the International Maritime Boundary with Sri Lanka. Advay understood the graveness of the matter when he personally spoke to fishermen on the coast.

He said:

“With limited space to do fishing, they tend to drift away knowingly or unknowingly and get into trouble. They also go 12-13 km further into the sea and stay overnight, so they need technology that is reliable and cheap.”


Screenshots of the FELT app. mschdn

Hence, to counter the problem, Advay started working with ISRO to create an app which would help fishermen determine their location and navigate their way back to their homes.

FELT will be using the indigenously-developed Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS) services to determine a fisherman’s location and will eventually be creating an emergency system based on it.  The Standard Position System which is an open navigation service provided by the ISRO, will also be used for more accurate results.


As for future developments, Advay has plans to develop an alert system for the International Maritime Boundary which can track a fisherman’s entire path.

With new features, Advay not just aims to ensure the safety of these fishermen, but also give them more opportunities to increase their productivity by better planning systems.


After winning this reward and getting selected amongst 20 finalists from all over the world, Advay Ramesh is looking forward to bag the $50,000 scholarship at Google Science Fair 2016.

Ramesh’s idea was amongst the 100 top ideas in the world where Google sought to dig out innovative solutions to a problem impact environment and human resources.

A Google spokesperson said:

“Young minds are inventive, thoughtful, and determined to try things that other people think are ‘impossible.’ It’s imperative for us to support and encourage these young people to explore and challenge the world around them through scientific discovery.”

Advay’s brilliant idea, for that matter, is indeed unique and much needed on the coasts of India which lack major support for fishermen in the region.

Way to go, boy! 

Know more about Google Science Fair here.

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