14 Experiences You Learn During The First Year Of Your College

10:00 am 24 Mar, 2015

We enter into an engineering college with a million dreams in our heart, too naïve to understand the reality at first. Here are a few things that we experience and learn in the first semester of engineering.

1. The sex ratio in your college is worse than what it is in Haryana.

2. You have more exams than the number of days in a year.

Number of days

3. What is taught in class and what the faculties ask during the exams are like two opposite poles.

Ask in exams

4. What has maths become? Where have all the numbers gone?

5. Engineering is not really about Heisenberg’s principle,…. It’s about learning MS office.

You thought you’d gain a lot of practical knowledge, didn’t you?

6. Exams now become a group activity.

Group activity

7. Never knew morning 8 am class will be that difficult to attend.

8. You earn important social skills such as lobbying with lab assistants, begging teachers for marks and treating seniors with respect.

9. If you’re a guy, you have at least received two funny death threats for talking to a girl.

10. You can barely manage to read a complete newspaper in a day, but on the night before an exam, you can finish a 500 page book in 2 hours.

11. Suddenly, you start missing and loving your family.

12. Your love for Maa ke haath ka khana drives you crazy.

13. All the advice you need, be it regarding a girl or studies, comes from your new family i.e your friends.

14. Things like these start happening to you on the night before the exam.

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