ISRO Releases First Images From INSAT-3DR Imager Satellite

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5:11 pm 15 Sep, 2016

Indian Space Agency, ISRO, on September 15 released first images sent by their INSAT-3DR Imager satellite which is an advanced meteorological satellite built by India.


INSAT-3RD is configured with an imaging System and an Atmospheric Sounder and can also provide night time pictures of low clouds and fog due to its middle Infrared band.



The satellite uses two Thermal Infrared bands which can estimate Sea Surface Temperature (SST) with better accuracy.

It uses a higher Spatial Resolution in the Visible and Thermal Infrared bands thus providing much clearer and accurate pictures than its predecessor INSAT-3D.


ISRO had launched INSAT – 3DR Imager earlier this month on September 8.

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