When It Comes To First Dates, Here Are 8 Things Guys And Girls Do Differently

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4:00 pm 15 Sep, 2015

First date is a nervous sweet symphony. It’s a make it or break it deal.

But what happens right before a date? We might fit it to an individual perception but some things are a bit too gender specific. Being at the threshold of risking pseudo femininity with chivalrous masculinity, I list down some points to define what really happens on the other side.

1. Facebook stalking

Girls – Guys beware! When a girl comes to stalking, your crazy party status back from 2009 will also not be spared. Every girl in your ‘Profile Picture’ album will have a tremendous effect on your date night. “Oh my God, is that his taste?” “Ah, well at least I’m prettier!”

Guys – “Next, next, next. Okay, she looks nice. Let’s go!”

2. Prep Up Talk

Girls – A quick blow dry – check. A little manicure – check. “Shall I wear a dress? Is it worth shaving my legs?”

Guys –  “I think I’ll rock this ‘No Shave November’ look!”

3. The confirmation text

Girls – They’d be dying to confirm the plan. They would have typed and deleted 10 times in a row, with extra thoughts on double emojis. They are putting a final limit to 11 o’clock after which they’ll just shoot the goddamn text. But right now, the waiting game is going strong!

Guys – They are not playing the wait game for sure but they are anxious. “Is it necessary to confirm?” “Will I sound too needy?” Eventually, they give in.

4. Dress to impress

Girls – They will try every last outfit till the very last moment. “I have nothing to wear!!”

Guys – “Blue or black? I think this smells good.”

5. Thoughts and to do’s

Girls – They will have 100 scenarios weaving in their heads with ten pre-decided statements to slyly drop the hint. They will also have a little pep talk with themselves to make sure they don’t laugh out too loud and refrain from making that nasty joke.

Guys – They will let the conversation flow smoothly. They know how to take charge of the situation. If they want to say something, they are going to just say it. Who has the time for hints?

6. Planning

Girls – Nah, nah. The girls don’t ever suggest venues. They will surely picture a perfect spot but will hope he picks up her imagined arena. “No movies please. Bad conversation spots.”


Guys – Most of the time, they’d have their minds set on a place. Few back-up options to catch up drinks after won’t hurt either.

7. The money, Honey

Girls – They are independent and hardcore feminists. They will surely insist on splitting the bill in two. But don’t be fooled by it. ”I am  just kidding idiot! Be a man and offer to pay”

Guys – They know they have to pay eventually. They will try to convince you the feminist game but well, chivalry.

8. The bros and the girls gang

Girls – A friend-talk is a prerequisite to any date. Mostly, it’s a gang-talk! They have to know your whereabouts; what if he turns out to be a rapist? They have to tell you the perfect dress; what if you end up looking like Lady Gaga? They need to give you a list of what to do and what not to do; what if you can’t stand on your own?

Guys – They won’t have a through discussion anyhow. It’s just a FYI text. And maybe a more like “FYI, she’s hot!”


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