Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar Slams Pakistan For Not Taking Responsibility Of State-Sponsored Terrorism

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4:04 pm 9 Sep, 2016

Continuing the attack on Pakistan over its support for terrorism, Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar said that the state cannot escape responsibility.

Speaking at 2016 International Media Conference organized by the US government-funded East-West Centre, Jaishankar said,”At some stage, the differentiation is not gone out on the ground. There is a connect between state actors and non-state actors. Which is why we use the word ‘sponsored’. The state cannot escape responsibility by saying it’s non-state.”

He added that the country can’t have a segmented, differentiated fight against terrorism.

“We have always maintained the view that acting against some groups is not a justification for giving a free pass, leave alone active support, for other groups. You can’t have a segmented, differentiated fight against terrorism,” he said.


Foreign Secretary NDTV

Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar

Earlier this week, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, during his visits to the G20 Summit in China and the ASEAN Summit in Laos, had spoken on the issue. Joining India, US also raised its voice on the issue.


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