Bihar CM Nitish Kumar Says He Feels Like Crying Over Flood Situation In The State

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9:40 pm 23 Aug, 2016

Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar said that he feels like crying over the flood situation in the state which has affected 22 lakh people.

Over 95 people have died in the current floods, the minister said. Bihar is taking a beating partly because of the water pouring into it from upstream states like Jharkhand and Madhya Pradesh as also Nepal.


A man uses tube boat to wade through flooded area of Hajipur, Bihar PTI

A man uses tube boat to wade through flooded area of Hajipur, Bihar

He also met Prime Minister Narendra Modi and sought Centre’s intervention to desilt the river Ganga, which he claims is the only solution to avoid floods.

The chief minister also demanded the removal of Farakka barrage which he insisted was behind increasing silt in the river.

“Presently, the main reason for the flood in Ganga is the excessive deposit of silt in the river due to the construction of Farakka barrage… We need to re-evaluate the need of the barrage. Looking at it practically, the situation created by it has more ill-effects than benefits. Hence it will be appropriate that the Centre seriously consider the issue of removing the barrage,” he said in a memorandum.


Kumar further urged Modi to send a team of experts to assess the unprecedented situation in the state.


“The Prime Minister assured me that experts will be sent and a decision on this subject should be taken soon. Immediate and positive action will have to be taken,” he told reporters.


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