A Father Lost His Young Son In An Accident. Here Is Something He Wants You To Know.

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7:36 pm 11 Feb, 2016

In a country where the legal age for driving a geared 2- or 4-wheeler is 18 years, one can easily spot young school-going children not only driving such vehicles but also performing dangerous stunts.

The minimum age for driving non-geared 2-wheelers is 16, but how many of them follow it?


One father lost his 18-year-old son to a road accident; his son was not wearing a helmet. The father decided to tell people not to do the same. And this is how he did it:


The message reads: “My 18-year-old son died because he was not wearing a helmet. So please wear a helmet and encourage others to do so.”

According to a WHO report, road accidents in India claimed 1,37,572 lives in 2013 alone. Of them, 34 per cent died in accidents involving a 2- or 3-wheeler.


A 2014 National Crime Records Bureau data revealed that while the maximum accidents were reported from Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Kerala, the death toll was highest in Uttar Pradesh (16,284) followed by Tamil Nadu and Maharahstra.


Deaths 2014


Among other problems in the enforcement of laws, the WHO report also pointed out that there is no emergency room injury surveillance system in India and there is no law that requires helmet to be fastened.

For kids


The father, who could be anyone, is spreading a message every child should follow and every father should pass on to their children.

Please, wear a helmet.

Will you now wear a helmet and make your loved ones wear it?

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