Father Of Virginia Live Shooting Victim Works Towards Getting Gun Laws Under Control

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11:14 am 2 Sep, 2015

Nearly a week after two television journalists from Roanoke, Virginia, were killed on live television by a former employee, victim Alison Parker’s father has announced that he will do whatever it takes to end gun-related violence.

Parker, who was 24 years old at the time of her death, was killed along with cameraman Adam Ward in the wee hours of August 26, while they were reporting live from a local shopping mall in Moneta, Virginia.

Their shooter, Vester Lee Flanigan, was a former employee of WDBJ7 channel who shot himself dead after the local state police gave him a chase.

Parker’s father Andy gave numerous interviews saying that he now planned to spend his life trying to implement effective and reasonable safeguards against any gun-related incident from happening again.


In his interview to The Washington Post, Ward said:

“In recent years we have witnessed similar tragedies unfold on TV the shooting of a congresswoman in Arizona, the massacre of schoolchildren in Connecticut and of churchgoers in South Carolina. We have to ask ourselves: What do we need to do to stop this insanity? In my case, the answer is -whatever it takes.”


Commenting on the strong US gun lobby that shoots down any proposal to implement a ban on guns, Parker said:

“I realize the magnitude of the force that opposes sensible and reasonable safeguards on the purchase of devices that have a single purpose: to kill.”

Giving a special tribute to the two victims, The Washington Post also compiled a video on how their family, friends and co-workers remembered them.

The gun laws in US,especially in Virginia, has been under constant debate.While many believe that guns give them added protection, others believe it only increases risks and does more harm than good.

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