A Farmer Tilled A Three-Acre Land In Drought-Hit Maharashtra Village With A Cot

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6:42 pm 29 Jun, 2016

Khadki Budruk is a small nondescript village in Jalgaon district of Maharashtra. Like other areas in the state, Budruk too is facing the effect of the severe drought that has made lives of poor farmers miserable.

Yet Vithoba Mandole continues to show a fierce resilience in the face of adversities.


File photo of Vithoba Mandole. Bhaskar

File photo of Vithoba Mandole. Bhaskar

Mandole is a farmer but does not owns the land he tills. He was working as a farm labourer in other farms in nearby villages but realized soon enough that the work won’t help him survive.

Hit by the drought and deep in loans, even the owners of the farms are unable to make ends meet in Maharashtra. The situation of a farm labourer is therefore even more pitiable.

So Mandole decided to do something else. He took a farm on allotment basis from a farm owner and chose to till the land for a living.


Vithoba Mandole tilling the land. Bhaskar

Vithoba Mandole tilling the land. Bhaskar

He faced another difficulty. Mandole had no money to buy farm equipment and neither any bulls.

Not the one to give in to circumstances, Mandole hit upon a unique way.

He took a cot, placed a boulder on one end and started pulling it himself. It acted like a tiller and soon Mandole had tilled the entire three-acre farm.

His determined effort received praise on social media too.

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