Shabhana Azmi Breaks Her Silence On Farhan-Adhuna Divorce

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9:29 pm 4 Feb, 2016

As divorce rates increase day by day, our strong faith in the idea of a long-lasting marriage diminishes. Bollywood, the place where dreams are made, is no different when it comes to the institution of marriage.

Recently, the perfect couple, Ranbir and Katrina, ended their relationship of 6 years. What’s even more disturbing was the news of a couple like Farhan-Adhuna ending their 17-year old strong marriage. We idolized Farhan as a perfect person and artist. I fail to understand how such intelligent and like-minded people ended up parting ways?


Farhan and Adhuna avoided the media to keep the divorce process as smooth as possible.

Shabhana Azmi spoke on modern marriages and the changing mindset of women.

Shabana Azmi on her relationship with Adhuna:

I’ve always had an independent, healthy relationship with Adhuna and it will always remain so.


Her take on marriage:

Marriages are not just falling apart in the film industry, but also in many sections of society. Expectations from marriage are changing. The concept of made-in-heaven is defunct.


She also expressed what her daughter, Zoya, feels about women filing for divorce.

When I asked Zoya, she said, “Because today women can, they have a choice and they exercise it. Marriage is not a one-way street. Both partners have to adjust to each other”.


Well, I was thinking:



Anyways, we wish both Farhan and Adhuna all the luck.

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