10 Reasons To Fall In Love On Your Solo Trip As This Love Will Be Unforgettable

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6:00 pm 3 Oct, 2015

Your mind stopped whirling in panic and you heard the faintest echo of your heart whispering, “It’s time you travel alone and within.” On that carefree night, with still a glimmer of light in the sky, you left home to fall in love with yourself and with someone you never knew. Here are the reasons to fall in love while traveling alone:

1. There will be love with no rules

Love would be so natural, like a breeze blowing over a cool lake. Who doesn’t want romance without rules, planning and infinite texting? Besides, everyone likes to live few nights of love compared to a thousand days of boredom.


2. You and her would be at the same love wavelength.

Solo trips means erasing the past just like erasing scribbles off a chalkboard. It’s that simple. It would take just a small walk to know each other so well and the effortless chemistry will spark thereafter.



3. Every hangout will be a date.

Every moment you spend with her will seem like a lifetime. The fear of losing her will make you want to conquer each moment like hungry soul searching for love.



4.  Love will happen so quickly that you won’t believe it.

How much time did you take to fall in love with your last girlfriend? Seven months and 25 dates, still ended up confused and broken. On a solo trip, few days will curve the same magic.



5. The flirting will be spontaneous and natural.

Flirting is not bad, it is good for health. It is a reckless thrust of love to keep the momentum of romance burning. Those craziest one liners will have your charming mouth make her smile like never before.

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6. You guys will be perfectly alone, there will be no third person in the story.

Nobody to judge you and yell, “You are going too fast or too slow”, and mark my words, this is a divine space to be in. Away from the friends and world, you found love.

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7. You can spend as much time as you want with her.

She will be the first face you would see every morning and the last one when you return to sleep.

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8. You can share you every dark secret with her.

You could waste endless time sharing dirty secrets and still feel unapologetic about it. And why to worry? What happens in a trip, stays in the trip.

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9. You will love each other like there is no tomorrow.

It’s a very blessed state. You are inclined to pleasure and she becomes everything that’s been important to you. I know you want to experience what the hell happens when you can’t live a second without somebody’s company. So, pack your bags right away

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10. And most importantly, it is all written.

Thank God, it was written this way!


Already packed your bags? It’s time to hit the road.


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