15 Ways To Spot A (Fake) Liberal-Secular

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9:44 pm 19 May, 2017

Liberalism is a political thought not everyone can understand; secularism is a doctrine not everyone can uphold. In fact, both liberalism and secularism are among some of the most hated words these days. It is not because of their true meaning but because they have been exploited for nefarious purposes by a select group of politically-charged individuals.


Perhaps the most famous meme that aptly describes a fake Liberal.

The ‘Liberals’ (often called pseudo liberals or libtards) weave fake narratives to denigrate the cultures and traditions. On the other hand, secularism of the myopic kind sees Hinduism as the single biggest threat. (They cover their hate under the guise of Hindutva, which is in itself misrepresented by them.) Even objecting to radical Islamic ideologies is a crime in the eyes of ‘seculars’.

Thankfully, it is very easy to spot such a liberal-secular. BTW, did you know that they have a word for such people – Istophobes. (This is what it means.)

So how to spot an Indian Istophobe? One is an istophobe if:

1. They claim that India is a country of rapists but can’t stand with women who want freedom from triple talaq.


2. They think the media in the West is right about Kashmir but Republic TV is wrong.



3. To them urban naxals are intellectuals but those who expose their anti-India agenda are rustic.



4. They object to use of pellet guns on stone pelters but won’t speak a word against Separatists who push the youth to stone pelting.



5. Celebrating Diwali is noise pollution but any objection to azaan on loudspeakers is an affront to secularism.



6. They support the right of everyone to enter temples but can’t stand with women who want to enter a shrine.


A Muslim woman looks at the Haji Ali shrine in Mumbai.DNA

7. They say that killing of terrorists is “extra-judicial” but have no word of condolence for martyred soldiers.



8. They speak of flaws in one leader or party but remain silent about similar or worse flaws in another.



9. To them Hindutva is the biggest threat to India and there is nothing wrong with radical Islam.



10. The word ‘Hindu terrorists’ exists in their dictionary but there is no such thing as ‘Islamic terrorism’ because “terrorism has no religion”.



11. They want reforms in an already reformed religion but do not see the need for the same in any other.


12. Conversion from Hinduism to any other faith is conversion in their eyes but from any other faith to Hinduism is coercion.



13. They talk about the ‘azadi’ of Kashmir from India but can’t call Pakistan a terror-sponsoring country.


Meet Hafiz Saeed, the chief of LeT and ‘state guest’ of Pakistan. REUTERS/Caren Firouz

14. To them Naxals are humans who have rights even if they murder anyone but soldiers fighting them are the ones to be blamed for all the problems.



15. They say that anti-India sloganeering is “free speech” but saying anything against them is “hate speech”.



And just in case you think we may have missed out some identifiers, please feel free to add them in the comments.

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