This Hilarious Video Perfectly Sums Up How Bollywood Awards Are Decided

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7:54 pm 27 Jan, 2016

We all know that these Bollywood award ceremonies are nothing but a charade to get the TRPs rolling. Actors who perform at these shows get the award despite mediocre acting. Indian films that win praise at the Cannes Film Festival are not even considered contenders here.

Usually, the jury of Bollywood awards consists of B-grade Bollywood stars (and singers) who have no idea about art and its significance. This year at the Filmfare Awards, a lot of good films like ‘Tamasha’, ‘Manjhi’ and ‘Masaan’ were ignored, making us question the gravity of such awards.

Keeping all the serious talks at bay, SnG, a Youtube Channel showed us the true picture of Bollywood jury.

This is how they decide the awards:

Well, the technical awards hold no significance.

capture 4


Critics have no say at all.

capture 7

capture 6


To understand the politics that goes behind the scenes, watch the full video here:


Well, you know the truth now. Do share it.

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