17 Facts About The Mayo College, Ajmer

5:00 pm 16 Jul, 2015

1. The Mayo College is known as the ‘Eton of India’.


2. Col F K M Walter did one of the oldest boys-only Public Boarding Schools ideation on May 28, in the year 1869.


3. In the year 1870, Lord Mayo voiced to start up a ‘Raj Kumar College’, which would be exclusively for the Chiefs, Princes and Thakurs.


4. In the year 1875, Richard Bourke, 6th Earl of Mayo, founded the school.


5. The college was opened in the year 1875 in the month of October, with Sir Oliver St. John who was the first Principal along with one boy, Maharaja Mangal Singh of Alwar.


6. Major Mant was the architect of the school and the main building was completed in June 1885 at the cost of 3.28 lakh.


7. Indo-Saracenic architecture is the denotation of the building.


8. The building is so magnificent that its archives are in the British Museum in London.


9. Stow brought major changes in the school and was the principal from 1931-1943.


10. A special stamp of Mayo with the palatial main school building was released by the post and telegraph department on 12th April 1986.


11. India Security Press, Nashik Road, designed the multicolour stamp.


12. Mayo College coat of arms (emblem) was the design laid by Lockwood Kipling, who was the former principal of the School of Arts, Lahore and the father of Rudyard Kipling.


13. Mayo College has a resplendent Danmal Mathur Museum which is housed in Jhalawar House. It brings to view the antiques and armory of the medieval period.


14. The first boy of the school, Maharaja Mangal Singh, arrived on the back of an elephant along with camels, tigers and horses.


15. The oldest tradition of the school involves meeting for tea in the Mughal Garden soon after the prize distribution ceremony.


16. Very few are aware that horse riding in the prestigious boarding school was banned after Independence but came into force in 1994 with merely 10 horses.


17. It is ranked at the 4th position as one of the most reputed boarding schools in India.



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