8 Things Shiva Devotees Should Know About The Auspicious Shravan Maas

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10:00 am 6 Aug, 2015

The Shravan Maas commenced on 1st August for the year 2015 and will continue till 29th August. Characterized by heavy rain deluge and numerous religious festivals, Shravan is considered to be the holiest of all months in a year. It is the favorite month of Lord Shiva.

Here, we are listing out a selection of rare facts about Shravan Maas that Shiva devotees would find interesting:

1. Samudra Manthan (the great churning of the ocean) had actually taken place in the month of Shravan.

Lakshmi (Goddess of wealth), Moon, Nectar, Kalpavriksha (wish fulfilling tree), Rambha (celestial beauty) and Kamadhenu (a cow which could provide all objects of desire) were among the 14 chief products obtained as a result of this churning.


2. One of the byproducts of this churning was halaahal – great poison that could destroy all living beings; for greater good, Lord Shiva decided to drink it up.

Lord Shiva placed the poison in his neck and that is how He got the name Neelkanth (One with blue neck).

This episode is also symbolic of Yogic beliefs that one should drink up the negativities instead of throwing them out on others but never let them be digested (or fructified) either.


Shravan Maas

3. Shiva got the crescent moon on His head during this month; the moon was used to pacify the impact of the poison.

For this same reason, devotees offer milk, flowers and bel leaves to Shiva during Shravan Maas.


4. Devotees fast on Mondays during this month to please Lord Shiva.

People observe strict or partial fast as per their beliefs and convenience.

While some do it to find perfect life partners, others fast on all Mondays during this period to be granted the boon of health, wealth, will power, or spiritual bliss.


5. Mangala Gauri Puja is also done during this month.

In fact, some of the most rewarding vrats (fasts) of the year are undertaken during this very month.


Shravan Maas

6. Literal meaning of the word ‘Shravan’ is ‘to hear’. During this month, devotees should listen to all things good – things that help them progress on their spiritual journey.

The fifth month in the Hindu calendar, Shravan Maas is meant to be utilized by devotees by listening to spiritual discourses, sermons and noble words.



There are, however, many other stories on how this month came to be known as Shravan.

7. The Shravan constellation can be seen on a full moon night; it is a constellation pictured as the three footprints of Vamana.


Shravan Maas

Vamana in his Colossal Trivikrama form charanamrit


The stars are also pictured as Shravana Kumar carrying his blind parents.


8. Rishi Markandeya had perfected the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra during the month of Shravan.



Mahamrityunjaya is one of the most powerful mantras that the sages say, can even enable a devotee to avert definite death.

The Three-Eyed God is believed to be the most benevolent of all. While you may stick to the rituals, perform pujas and help those in need to make the best of this auspicious month, it goes without saying that every second of time and every particle of the Universe belongs to the Supreme. Anytime or anywhere – it is always a good time and a good place to knock on His doors.


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