20 Strange Facts About Ocean You Need To Know

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8:00 pm 9 Jun, 2015

So what if someone ask you to explore the very own ocean? You would probably be least interested as the dark abyss of ocean is an alien to our understandings. There is no one left who stays unaware about the fact that ocean holds many secrets and wonders of the earth. This is not only the fact that you should be aware about, read on to find some more interesting and strange facts about Earth’s ocean that you still didn’t knew.

1. On a rough count, only 3 lakh under water species are identified while most of them cannot be seen by our naked eye.


2. The ocean starts at the depth of 1800mt and genius people around the globe have opted to reach the moon but never dared to explore the dark deep ocean.


3. There is no sunlight at the ocean bed even during day time; most of the oceans are dark, black and chilled.


4. More than 3 million underwater animals are recognised by scientist and 85% of them are yet to be identified.


5. Maximum amount of energy in ocean is through small microscopic under water living animal called phytoplankton. They form layers at different levels of ocean.


6. According to survey, experts have claimed there is 20 million tons of gold under the ocean bed.


7. Ocean Virus are harmless and there are more than 10 million of virus and one million of bacteria in one millilitre of ocean water.


8. Ninety per cent of dolphin and whale species remains unidentified while 87 per cent of shark species have eradicated and we have learned only 35 species of them.


9. Experts says, there are chances of mermaids still existing under the ocean water as 80 per cent of ocean still remains unexplored.


10. There are world’s mysterious lakes and ponds that still exist underwater with various microscopic species that are found nowhere else.


11. Colossal squids are real.

A huge squid, 12-13 mtrs long and 750 kg in weight, was caught in south of New Zealand and this is among the largest species caught till now.


12. We are aware about the famous seven underwater waterfalls but there could be many more.


13. Did you know about the lost city that has been discovered underwater? Researchers have claimed that this lost city is off the cost of Cuba.


14. Most of the artefacts from human history were found under oceans which are now preserved in various museums.


15. Pacific Ocean alone contains more than 20,000-30,000 islands in total which is more than rest of the islands if put together.


16. Fifty per cent of communication between countries involve under water cables.


17. Top layer of the ocean is up to 10 feet which holds the same amount of heat of that of the atmospheric heat in summer days.


18. The sound released from Ocean still remains unanswered!


19. Till now, we have explored only 1 per cent of living species in ocean and 10 per cent of ocean land.


20. Besides Gold, many more valuable reserves of minerals in water remain untraced.


We know the Oceans to be a mysterious place full of questions and unknown species!


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