Bet You Didn’t Know These 17 Facts About Coffee

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12:00 pm 29 Feb, 2016

For me and millions others on the planet, coffee is the most important beverage of the day. Well, yes! We can’t live without sipping on a piping hot cup every morning and right after a passing bout of excitement, anxiety or more likely, to break the monotony.

I stumbled upon some amazing facts that need to be shared with other coffeeholics. Enjoy every bit of it while you sip your steaming cup of pure joy.


1. Dancing goats and coffee, a queer stimulus

Ages ago, Kaldi, a goat herder in Ethiopia, noticed that his goats behaved strangely, looked jittery as if they were dancing whenever they did feast on coffee berries.

Taking the berries home one day, it was this accidental discovery of coffee that has come to stay with us forever.


2. Coffee was eaten, before it was brewed.

Early African tribes used to grind the coffee berries with its pit and fat before molding them into edible balls that were eaten as energy rich snacks. Coffee beverage came much later.


3. Coffee beans are actually seeds of an edible fruit.

A berry fruit, maturing on busy trees that can rise to 30 feet or more is the source of coffee beans. These fruits are picked, dried and stripped down until it turns into a green bean.

Coffee is grounded from the pit of this fruit. They are called ‘beans’ because of the resemblance. A coffee tree can last two centuries.


4. Coffee has more flavors than wine.

Coffee has approximately 1500 different aromatic attributes, while wine has only 200.


5. Coffee smells better than it tastes.

Sending you on a high, coffee spreads 70% of its aroma within two minutes of being brewed and saliva takes away half of its flavor. What’s left is the coffee we love to drink. It can get stale in 15 minutes, so drink up quick!


6. The best time for your daily fix of caffeine, on average, is 9.30 to 11.30 AM.

There is a scientific reason for it. Caffeine, the key element of coffee has a special association with cortisol, a key body hormone which controls alertness in the body. Studies have shown that from 9.30 – 11.30 AM, body cortisol levels are at the lowest.


7. Black Ivory is the world’s rarest and most expensive coffee.

Coffee connoisseurs testify it to being the best among all. It is so expensive and rare, because of the queer manufacturing process. Elephants fed on the finest Thai Arabica coffee cherries take about 17 hours to poop out semi-digested beans.

Coffee ground from these beans is Black Ivory. Hard to believe that elephant poo coffee costs $50 per cup.


8. You can overdose and die from coffee.

Yes, it takes around 100 cups of coffee for a lethal dose of caffeine. It is said that French author and writer Honore de Balzac used to consume 50 cups of coffee a day to keep his muse for writing going.




9. Like humans, bees too get a buzz when they drink caffeine.

From goats, to humans and honey bees also, all can get addicted to coffee. The drink supercharges a bee’s long-term memory that goads them to return to the same type of plant.


10. Coffee doesn’t affect everyone the same way.

Body genes process caffeine differently based on gender, race, habits and even birth control use.


11. The largest cup ever brewed was in South Korea.

Coffee addicts in South Korea, in July 2014, brewed a coffee cup that was more than 3700 gallons. The biggest frosted coffee was blended in Las Vegas in 2010, and was 1,500 gallons — ice excluded.


12. Webcam was a coffee watch byproduct.

Did you know that, the first webcam in the world was made for coffee? Odd, but true. Cambridge University students invented the webcam as a device to watch out for the coffee pot, so as to save out on disappointment of a coffee-less trip.


13. In Arab society, coffee was a good enough reason for divorce.

Coffee over time took the world by storm and had become such a craze that for Arab women it could be a reason for seeking divorce, if the husband failed to provide enough coffee. Luckily, this custom isn’t practiced anymore today.


14. Coffee has developed a culture around itself.

There’s a Café in France, where if you don’t say “hi” and “please”, your coffee would become costly. Japan has even set out hang outs with cats at ‘Cat Cafes’ and one can even go for a swim at the Coffee-spa.


15. Besides oil, coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world.

With more than 2.25 billion cups of coffee devoured worldwide regularly, it is no big surprise that coffee is such an exceedingly traded product.


16. Coffee could fuel your car someday.

Researchers have discovered that the coffee beans are ignitable and have the capability of supplanting fossil fuel in the near future. In fact, Brit engineers designed a car in 2011 that ran on coffee bean fuel. What’s over, it broke the fastest speed record of all cars running on organic fuel.


17. Coffee gets its own holiday.

Yes, Coffee Day. People love coffee so damn much that Ireland, Costa Rica and Japan have all marked one day off in their calendar as coffee holiday.


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