7 Interesting Facts About Rajendra Sadashiv Nikhalje AKA Chota Rajan

10:00 am 23 Sep, 2015

Old colleagues, Dawood Ibrahim and Chhota Rajan are today waging a war for control of the Mumbai underworld. Rajan was once lynchpin of D-Company; today he is one of the tools Indian intelligence uses to strike at the Dawood empire by leaking information.

Here are a few facts about Chota Rajan:

1. Birth and early days

Rajan was born in a lower middle class Marathi Buddhist family in the Tilaknagar area of Chembur, Mumbai, Maharashtra. He worked as a cinema ticket seller in his early days.


Chhota Rajan

2. Entering the trade

It was his chance meeting with Bada Rajan that he entered the trade and took over the group after the murder of the former.


Chota Rajan

3. Separation from Dawood Ibrahim

Post the 1993 blasts, Rajan announced separation from Dawood’s gang and this followed bloody encounters between both groups in Mumbai on a regular basis.


Chota Rajan

4. Post separation

Rajan escaped a bid on his life in September 2000, when Dawood’s key aide Chhota Shakeel opened fire at him in Bangkok. He later recovered in a hospital after Rajan jumped from window of first-floor room where he was staying in a struggle to save his life.


Chota Rajan

5. Charge sheet

Wanted for 17 murders, more attempted murders, drug trafficking, smuggling, extortion and even funding of films.


Chota Rajan

6. Personal life

Rajan has three daughters – Anita Nikhalje, Mala Nikhalje and Pallavi Nikhalje. The younger one is currently doing graduation and the elder one is married.


Chota Rajan

7. Current scenario

Based on a telephonic conversation in the early 2000s, Chota Rajan explained that he is hiding somewhere in Europe, though there is a probability of him being in Australia.


Chota Rajan


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