13 Facts About Breasts That You Just Want To Know

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4:17 pm 8 Jan, 2016

Girls, this is all about your assets. You might be conscious or super proud of them but there is more to them than how they look!


1. Breastfeeding gives a long lasting benefit to moms as it reduces the risk of heart diseases and cancer!

Sources says that apart from the diseases risks, it helps moms to shed baby weight and lowers the chances of postpartum depression.


2. Ever wondered why men have breasts?

Well, every fetus starts as female and it’s only after six months of pregnancy that testosterone starts being produced. But by that time breasts and nipples are already developed.



3. The largest bra size available is an L and the smallest is AAA.

The size L was made available in 2011.


4. Scientists don’t know why women breasts appear full all the time.

Human breasts appear full all the time even when they are not breastfeeding whereas primates have full breasts only when they are breastfeeding. (source)


5. Some women can achieve orgasms by just stimulating their nipples!

Women brains process genital and nipple stimulation in the same way. (source)


6. A champagne glass was shaped after Kate Moss’s breast in London!

Kate’s signature is there at the bottom of the glasses and they exists in 34 restaurants in London. (source)


7. Ancient Roman women used to wrap their breasts with bandages to keep them in place while working out as their were no bras at that time!


8. Breastfeeding makes mothers’ brains more responsive to their child’s cry.

Well, motherhood is magical. Isn’t it? (source)


9. More then 4 million bras are produced everyday!


10. If your man likes large breasts, then he is financial insecure as per the study.


11. Whereas the same study also states that if he loves small breasts then he is more financially secure and less likely to want children!



12. Different woman can have different type of nipples as they exist in 8 types!


13. Annie Hawkins is the queen of breasts. She is the record holder of the world’s largest breasts (109.22/177.8 cms).

Oh My God!


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