After Successful Testing, Facebook To Launch Six New Emotions Buttons For Everyone ‘Pretty Soon’

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2:05 pm 28 Jan, 2016

Facebook is soon going to introduce six new ’emotion’ buttons to help users express their feelings.

CEO of the social networking giant Mark Zuckerberg said that “pretty soon” six new emotions will be added to the social network throughout the world.

This means Facebook users will have more options beyond its famous ‘Like’ button which is generally used to express liking for a photo, video or comment.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg digitaltrends

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

The new reactions will include symbols for ‘angry,’ ‘sad,’ ‘wow,’ ‘haha,’ ‘yay’ and ‘love.’

“We want people to be able to share all of the things that are meaningful to them, not just the things that are happy and that people are going to like when they see it,” said Zuckerberg on Wednesday.

The reactions to new emotions have been tested in Chile, the Philippines, Portugal, Ireland, Spain, Japan and Colombia.

However, they will be introduced to Facebook’s 1.6 billion users after some time as the engineers have to make a few more tweaks.

After popular demand for ‘Dislike’ button, last year Facebook revealed its plans to add the same. But, it has now turned that option down because it thinks it will be ineffective and possibly abusive.

Facebook has turned down idea of dislike button talkandroid

Facebook has turned down idea of dislike button

Through new emotions buttons, Facebook aims to encourage people  to share their thoughts more frequently and hopes that people spend more time on the social networking site.

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