Chennai Floods: Facebook Safety Check, Google’s Crisis Response Page Go Live

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2:02 pm 3 Dec, 2015

In the wake of devastating floods in Chennai, Facebook along with many other organizations across India have started to do their small bit to help out the people in need.

Facebook’s Safety Check feature has been activated for Chennai on account of the heavy flooding and rains in the Tamil Nadu capital.

Meanwhile Google has also launched its own resource page for flooding in South India.

Today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi flew to Chennai to take stock of the situation arising out of the floods.

Chennai has turned into a virtual island after unprecedented rains in 100 years pounded the city, its suburbs and neighbouring districts destroying road and rail links, shutting the airport and rendering thousands homeless.

Coming to the aid of the people, many major telecom network across India have announced that they will provide free calls and mobile data to its Chennai customers, social media website Facebook, activated their now well feature “Safety Check”to allow people to mark themselves as ‘safe’from the floods.

Facebook, in the recent past have activated this feature many times across the planet, so as to provide its users a way to reassure their loved ones that they are safe.

They feature was added to Facebook in October last year and was inspired by 2011’s disastrous Tsunami.

Electricity and phone services have been down in large parts of the city and even the Airports and Railways in the metro has been severally affected by this.

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