Facebook Is Giving This Kerela Guy ₹ 10,70,000 And The Reason Will Shock You!

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5:10 pm 19 Sep, 2016

A native of Mundakkal in Kollam, Arun S Kumar has a history of bug hunting. It was 2011 when Facebook started the Bug Bounty Program under which people who notify flaws on its website will be given a reward.

This 20-year-old Kerala guy is a computer engineering student at the MES Institute of Technology and Management in Chathannoor, and is just a year away from getting his degree.

He has received a whopping amount of Rs 10.70 lakh ($16,000) bounty after finding a vulnerability in Facebook code. The vulnerability that he exposed in Facebook Business Manager was critical as it would have allowed a hacker to take control over the Facebook page in less than 10 seconds.

As per the source, Arun told,

Since the hacker would be able to manipulate the page of any Facebook user, the damage it would bring is beyond imagination.


Arun reported the Facebook security team on August 29 and soon received an appreciating response the very next day regarding how his discovery helped them prevent a massive security breach. On 6th September, the team fixed the glitch and after three days sent a mail announcing their decision to reward him.



Even in the past, Arun has pointed out many bugs in Google and Facebook. In a matter of three years, this talented techie has already received about Rs 30.85 lakh ($46,000) in payouts for hunting down bugs.

He had also received a bounty of Rs 7 lakhs in the month of April. Arun, who is soon to be an engineer is the son of P. S. Sureshkumar who is a clerk with the state government and his mother, Nagalakshmi K, a housewife. He wants to invest these rewards for his higher education.

Arun is the only Indian who has also been awarded the tenth place in the Facebook’s hall of fame of the white hat hackers.

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