Your Face Shape Reveals Your Personality And Your Approach To Life

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8:10 pm 10 Feb, 2016

It can be an utter chore to try and get to know people, only to find out you hate them. Thankfully, there are other ways to figure out what a person is like, without wasting too much time. One of those is the shape of a person’s face. Not only will the shape of someone’s face reveal their character to you but it also hints at their outlook in life.


1. Diamond-shaped faces

If your cheekbones are the widest part of your face, and your forehead and chin taper down, you have a diamond-shaped face.

People with such faces are generally organized and detail-oriented. They possess good communication skills, are self-confident and like to be in control of the situation. They can also end up being workaholics.


2. Triangle-shaped faces

If your forehead is the widest part of your face and the rest of your face softly angles down to the chin, then you have a triangular face.

People with such faces are thought of as being artistic and sensitive. They often are highly creative and likely to succeed in whatever they undertake. They also have a fiery and dominant personality.


3. Rectangle-shaped faces

If your forehead and jaw-line are almost the same size and you have a longish face, then you’ve been blessed with a rectangular face.

If you have a rectangle-shaped face then you are the sort of person who plans ahead. You also prefer to have an active lifestyle and get bored if you have to sit around. You are emotionally introverted and only let a few people see the real you.


4. Heart-shaped faces

If your jaw tapers down to a point and you (may) have a widow’s peak on your forehead, then you have a heart-shaped face.

People with heart-shaped faces are stubborn and very strong-minded. They also have the gift of intuition. They often have a creative bent of mind, but aren’t very good at self-introspection.


5. Oval-shaped faces

Oval-shaped faces are longer rather than wider. They also have a narrow jaw-line.

People with such faces are compassionate by nature. They are known to be practical and approach any goal very methodically. Since they’re so down-to-earth, they often overshoot their mark and become overachievers.


6. Square-shaped faces

Such faces have wide foreheads and wide jaw-lines. They are also not very long faces.

If you have a square-shaped face, you possess a sharp wit that can keep others (or yourself) entertained for hours. You also possess an analytical mind and can express yourself to others with ease.


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