11 Life-events Of The Delhi Serial Blast Eyewitness Who Doesn’t Even Have A Place To Study

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7:11 pm 4 Jul, 2015

Remember the eyewitness of September 13, 2008, Delhi serial blasts? Well, he is living on the streets and all he wants is a room where he can study for his exams peacefully.

1. Nineteen-year-old Raju (name changed) was given the President’s Gallantry award for bravery.


2. He was only 12 years old when he received the award for being an eyewitness in the September 13, 2008, serial blasts case.

3. Today, he is living on a pavement near Hanuman Mandir along with 23 other people.


4. Three months ago, he was forced to shift out of the Apna Ghar Salaam Balak Trust as it does not house children over 18 years of age.


5. A student of Class XII at the National Open School, Raju had to quit his hotel job because he was not able to get time to study.


6. With hardly any income and no place to stay, Raju’s major concern  is that he can’t study under the circumstances he is being forced to live in.

7. Sunil Kumar Aledia, from the Centre for Holistic Development, said that he has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and requested the government to rehabilitate Raju.

8. Further, Aledia said that the boy has been given round-the-clock police security, which costs the government nearly a lakh per month, but he doesn’t have a place to study!

9. As a prime eyewitness of the serial blasts, Raju had come forward and provided vital clues about the two suspects.


10. Unmindful of the risk to his life, he stated before the media and police that he could recognize the men if he saw them again.

11. Raju just wants that the government fulfill the promise it made. He said that he was promised a decent chance at completing his studies and getting a good job.


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