Now, You Can Recycle Your Kabaad, Earn Cash And Shop Online With Just One Call

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9:08 pm 22 Sep, 2016

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan: A national campaign formed to start a cleanliness drive covering over 4000 cities and towns and also to bring awareness about the significance of sanitation among people.

This determined mission has evoked a sense of responsibility among us and without our dedicated efforts, this initiative will lose its gravity. Not only people but the industries, especially the waste management sector, has a significant role to play. And one such organization is ‘Extracarbon’ which helps recycle dry, solid waste to preserve the deteriorating environment.


‘Extracarbon’ founders – Anant and Gaurav – started this company to efficiently organise the process of waste management and segregation of solid waste.

Have you wondered where all the solid, dry, plastic waste that you give to your kabaadiwalas end up?

Presently, there is no proper segregation of solid waste and such waste is mixed with the wet waste of the streets and municipal bins, and finally goes to the disposal sites un-segregated.

As a result, the whole area in and around the disposal site gets unhygienic and poses a lot of serious threats to the environment and to public health.

This is how the waste is dumped without being segregated into biodegradable and non-biodegradable wastes:


What if this waste is treated in a systematic, scientific and eco-friendly manner?

‘Extracarbon’ takes up its role here and starts segregating waste at the household level and then ensures that this dry, compostable and recyclable waste gets collected separately and transported separately for processing. They collect the solid waste from the homes and deliver it to the respective factories where it is recycled. For example – the metal waste goes to the metal factories.

This is how you can utilize the services of  ‘Extracarbon’:

1. You can call ‘Extracarbon’ or fill an online form to request for a pick-up of your solid waste and unused items.

2. An ‘Extracarbon’ representative will visit your place.

3. You can take cash or earn credits at ‘Jhoomley’ in return of your waste. With these credits, you can shop at  and buy brand-new home appliances, beauty products, fashion clothes, etc.

‘Jhoomley’ is a business entity of  ‘Extracarbon’ which helps you to shop online with credits.

‘Extracarbon’ has strengthened the domestic mode of collecting solid waste by employing kabadiwalas and guiding them. 

In 2o13, the company commenced its operations in Gurgaon. In its first three months, it associated itself with three societies and served 2,000 residential customers. Within one year, they expanded their business to Ludhiana with a three-member-team and reached 1000 new residential customers.

In future, the company plans to set up its own plant to convert wet waste into compost which will be located in the client’s premises or locations.

Recyling waste with ‘Extracarbon’ is your primary step towards a healthy environment. Be a part of their movement and do your bit to save the planet!

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