Ever Wondered Why Is There An Extra Shoelace Hole On Your Running Shoes?

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2:52 pm 29 Apr, 2016

People who wear running shoes must have noticed that there are extra shoelace holes towards the top of your shoes.

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Well, they don’t exist without any reason. The extra shoelace hole actually has a totally legit purpose.

When people run for a long time or walk on a rough terrain, they get blisters on their feet. The main reasons attributed to this irritating skin problem are sensitive skin and the constant rubbing of feet with the fabric of the shoe.


Those extra holes are there to stop your feet slipping forward in your shoes while you run and prevent blisters.

Tying those extra holes in the form of a “lace lock” or a “heel lock” will easily prevent blisters. The lace lock will help to keep the foot seated in the back of the shoe, leaving room for the toes up front.


Know the procedure to create a lace lock:

Slip the lace over and in and create loops on both side after lacing up the shoe normally.



Now cross the laces and insert them in the opposite side of the loop. pull them tight and tie it in a normal way to finish the ‘lace lock’  or ‘heel lock’. 2


This will create an extra friction between the lace and keep it nice and tight. There won’t be any need to tight them again and again. You foot will have enough space at the front and then there won’t be any toe or heel smashing at the ends of your shoes.

Watch the video to understand it better:

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