8 Ways To Extend Your Honeymoon Phase

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12:00 pm 20 Dec, 2015

The honeymoon phase generally lasts the initial few months after the wedding, when you learn to understand each other in all possible ways. But when something good goes missing from your relationship, there comes an element of boredom (which is usually after a few months). So, here are some fun and romantic ways to extend your honeymoon phase.


1. You should schedule regular date nights

After the honeymoon, spending time together generally goes wayside. So, go ahead schedule a date night with her to restore the intimacy and love. Plan a date night every month or two.


2. Spend some quality time together

A walk along the seashore or an exotic place for a cup of tea. Go ahead with such plans and make sure they are filled with romance, spark and togetherness.


3. Surprise your partner

Receiving gifts without occasion is awesome. Show your partner how important she is to you. Your gifts don’t need to be expensive, but it can be anything from her favorite chocolate to a simple rose.


4. Tell her “thank you”

It will mean a lot to her, being appreciated. Just thank her for no particular reason, for making your life meaningful and complete.


5. Schedule sex

Spontaneous sex is always awesome but there is no harm in talking about sex and scheduling some alone time with your partner. Sex helps restore the intimacy in a relationship.


6. Dance together

Music has the power to make you smile and cry at the same time. So, go ahead and play her favorite song and dance together. Or, you can also play the song which holds special meaning in your relationship.


7. Plan your vacations

Surprise her by booking tickets to her dream destination. Walk together, laugh together, eat together and have sex together!


8. Recapture your memories

Sorting out and framing the best photos of your honeymoon or vacations can help to reminisce about your honeymoon period. Give her the best photos in some new, exciting and unexpected ways. What about framing photographs of all your mini vacations?


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