10 College Expectations Destroyed By Reality

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10:00 am 19 Jun, 2015

When we are in school we have a certain idea in our head about how we are going to spend our time in college. College life has achieved Dwaraka status thanks to unrealistic movie and TV serial representations – think Klo & Glee. We have so many crazy plans and cool ideas about how our life in college would be!

But when college actually starts, it’s like a snow globe has shattered. All those crazy plans and ideas are gone with the wind and all we are left with is a sneak peek into what our future work life is going to be.

1. The work expectation

Expectation: Arey, college main kahaan kuch kaam karna hota hai! Full time majja hi toh hai!


College time

Yeh aaram ka mamla hai! *daydreaming forever* sulekha

Reality: So swamped with assignments that even breathing means wasting time!


College time

One more assignment??!! apunbindaas

2. Dating expectations

Expectation: Ek baar college jaane do, fir line lag jaayegi!


College time

Imma be a lady killer! indiatimes

Reality: Yaar yahaan toh dur, dur tak koi hot dikh nahi raha hai!


3. Sleeping arrangements

Expectation: Snuggling into comfy beds 24/7.



Best time of my life! pinkvilla

Reality: Guys, I slept for an hour today.



Ek hi ghanta bhagwan, pliss! oneknightstands

4. Travelling expectations

Expectation: College toh main gaadi se hi aaunga! *vroom vroom*



*swag level: infinity* hourdose

Reality: Aren’t trains/buses more convenient?



Is oxygen supposed to smell like that? thoughtsfromthebooth

5. Classmate expectation

Expectation: I’ll be friends with all of my classmates!



Yeh dosti hum nahi todenge! santabanta

Reality: Don’t realize half these people are in my class until they show up for exams..!



OMFG! Who are these people!? shaanig

6. Relationship with teachers

Expectation: Getting away with cracking jokes and creating a ruckus during lectures is my MO!


Reality: The number of jokes cracked is indirectly proportional to the marks obtained.



Ghar pe muh dikhane ke layak nahi raha main! popsugar

7. The drama expectation

Expectation: What happens during college lectures, stays in the class.



Don’t worry! Your secret is safe with me! 85421

Reality: WhatsApp statuses, Facebook updates, Instagram posts, staff room gossip and gossip among student groups, referring to said incident.


8. The group study expectation

Expectation: Hum sab saath mein padhenge toh maza aayega!



Studying with friends is so much fun! moviezadda

Reality: Snapchat notes, posting group-study selfies on Instagram and eating junk food while going off to sleep.



Mereko suicide karna hai. Koi aur Maggi khaega?

9. Dressing expectations

Expectation: Yeh uniform kab tak pehenna padega! Atleast college mein khud ke kapdon ka use hoga!



We won’t be staying uncool forever! bollywoodjournalist

Reality: Skips college because can’t decide what to wear…



Look at all these clothes I wear……once! youtube

10. Rule-breaking expectations

Expectation: Main toh kabhi lectures hi attend nahi karunga!



Look at the amount of effs I give about attendance. sulekha

Reality: Gets debarred from exam for low attendance and attends every single lecture henceforth.



Yes bro, every lecture! tumblr


What all did college teach you to give up once you went there?


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