10 Creative Excuses You Can Give To Your Parents For Not Getting Into The IITs

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5:00 pm 22 Aug, 2015

IITs results are out! Your parents and your neighbours-equal-strangers are after your failed-soul, just like KRK is after Karan Johar on Twitter. You, on the other hand, avoid eye contact with all the non-living things like competition books and living things like your own parents.

But even Karan Johar had to tweet to shut the unshutable KRK. As you penned down the excuses for your failure, you finally tapped your creativity to answer your critics (your parents). Atleast you passed  this excuse test…

1. “FIIT-JEE is the reason for my failure, it wasn’t FIT for me. I suggested you to enroll me at Akash Coaching Centre, but you ignored my masterful advice. So, finally who suffered?”



2. “An IIT is a powerhouse of nerds, and my genetically blessed looks given by you will become useless. Also, scarcity of hot girls there will push me into depression. Do you want me to be depressed?”



3. “Cracking an IIT is not a halwaa and all those who topped this year are last year’s drop-outs. In that case, I deserve another year.”



4. “I blame the Almighty for my failure. Why did he plan to make me sick on the D-Day?”



5. “The paper was so lengthy that I almost lost my vision. Why don’t they provide a telescope for clarity?”




6. “All my friends who have cracked the paper had their centres in Government schools but I landed up in an elite private school.”



7. “You wanted me to study at IIT-Delhi. Just remember Delhi is now owned by the dharnabaaz-cum-muffler-man and also you voted against him.”


8. “The IITs and IIMs kill creativity and Chetan Bhagat is the by-product of them. I had to take sleeping pills after completing his last Bihari book ‘Half-Girlfriend’.”



9. “Rahul Yadav is my hero. He dropped out of IIT Bombay in his second year and founded Housing.com. Do you want me to waste two more years to become a millionaire?”




10. “Do you want my future in the hands of Smriti Irani, who wikipedia still calls an undergraduate? I don’t feel like graduating now.”






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