This Ex-Soldier Slammed A Man Who Lectured Him On Nationalism At A Bank Queue

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6:53 pm 28 Nov, 2016

Soldiers have become the symbol of nationalism in our country. Not that they are not, but these days the “nationalism” of the soldiers is being cited as an example for every Tom, Dick or Harry reason. The recent case in point was when some complained about long queues at the banks following the demonetisation drive. They were reminded that soldiers often spend days at their posts guarding the border while braving the elements.

But some people do not understand that soldiers are human beings, too! They are not supermen who can do whatever we think they are capable of.

It so happened that a retired Indian Army soldier went to withdraw money from the bank. Like everyone else, Lt Col Darshan Dhillon stood in the queue awaiting his turn.

But you know that the rush at the banks have led to mismanagement at some places causing inconvenience to the customers. The Lt Col too felt irritated. Yet he was educated about the nationalism of the army men by a ‘Modi Bhakt’. And this is how Lt Col Dhillon responded:


When some commentators tried branding him an AAP man, Lt Col Dhillon responded thus:


And finally he pointed out that he was not a “Congressi” and, on the contrary, blamed the Grand Old Party for sabotaging the OROP.


A soldier is a soldier. He fights for the nation at the risk of his life and this is why no one but a soldier has the right to lecture another about nationalism.

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