13 Tips That Will Make Everyday Life A Whole Lot Smoother

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3:42 pm 16 Jan, 2016

These life hacks will make your life a little easier than before. So before you throw away that shirt, cry over onions or decide to cut your dull hair, read the following tips:


1. Chewing gum has ruined many clothes.

Chewing Gum


2. Chemical-free way to get rid of ants.



3. Toothpaste is like a wonder drug.

Ink stains


4. Cabbages can stink up the entire house.

Cabbage smell


5. Forget buying special cleaners for mirrors.



6. Leave your bleach bottles behind.

Whiten whites


7. One tip that we all can use.

Onions tears


8. Best way to get sparkly clean ice cubes.

pure ice cubes


9. Keep your water intake right.

Heart Attack


10. Peeling sweet potatoes just got a whole lot easier.

Sweet Potato


11. Humane way to get rid of rats and mice.

Mice deterrent


12. Don’t throw away that drying-up lemon just yet.

lemon juice


13. For hair that looks like it belongs in a shampoo ad.

hair shine



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