Here’s Proof That Every Woman Turns Into Her Mother Sooner Or Later

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4:26 pm 26 Feb, 2016

Accepting aging with grace is the wisest thing you can do. With time you grow old, your face grows wrinkles and your hair loses its color. Nothing in this world is permanent and growing old  or staying young is not in your hand. The only thing that you can do is to feel happy on entering the new stage of life. It is said that people grow old and start looking like their parents. Dailymail did an experiment to prove this. They photoshopped the faces of 5 pairs of mothers and daughters and the results that came out were shocking for both the mothers and daughters. Some of them also expressed what they felt about it!


1. Sara (62) and her daughter Clemmie (30)

“When people say Mum and I look alike, Mum always says that’s terrible for me. But if I can look like her when I’m older, I’ll be happy. She has beautiful bone structure and great skin, which I envy a little as I’m starting to notice wrinkles,” said Clemmie




2. Josie (48) and her daughter Jodie (24)

Josie feels different about aging:

“My looks are very important to me. And I admit I’m vain. When I see myself without make-up, it’s disheartening.There are some women who embrace aging, but I can’t because I used to be so attractive – just like my daughter, Josie. Aging is definitely harder for attractive women. If you worry about your looks, you’ve more to lose.”




3. Rhonda (45) and her daughter Darcey (15)

Rhonda could clearly see herself in her daughter:

“When I look at Darcey, I see my younger self so clearly. It’s almost like going back in time. It’s lovely, but peculiar – like seeing yourself through fresh eyes.Others see it too. People stop her in the street and say: ‘You must be Rhonda’s daughter.’I used to have the same hang-ups that she does, but if she complains about her looks I’ll tell her she’s mad.




4. Frances (83) and her daughter Tineka (57)

This is what Frances has to say:

“I didn’t bother with make-up or skincare until my late-50s. But being asked to be a model last year while I was with Tineka visiting an agency, certainly made me think more about my looks. But there’s no point worrying. You can’t change them! I still feel young and dance around the house to the radio. Until today, I’ve never thought I looked like Tineka. I always saw my husband and mother-in-law in her. In my eyes, Tineka was more beautiful than me.”




5. Esther (73) and her daughter Wendy (43)

Esther expressed her views regarding the changes aging has brought in her thoughts and lifestyle:

“I haven’t worn make-up in over 40 years – apart from for this photoshoot! That’s because looks don’t mean much to me.What a contrast to my 20s, when I used to love putting on a full face, backcombing my hair and wearing stilettos.Then I got married and had children. My priorities changed – not because of my age, but because I gained more perspective.”



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