NGO Creates ‘Fish Friendly’ Idols Ahead Of Ganesh Chaturthi In Mumbai

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3:23 pm 2 Sep, 2015

We all know that the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is huge in Maharashtra and we also know how the waters of Maharashtra are polluted to unimaginable levels every year, after thousands of Ganesh idols are immersed in waters at the end of this festival.

Looking at the major pollution that idols made of  Plaster of Paris and chemical paints cause, a Mumbai-based NGO, Sprouts Environmental Trust, recently created Ganesh idols that are not only water friendly, but are so safe that even the fish that inhabit the water can eat it, without getting harmed.



Sprouts has created idols that are made with food items such as corn and vegetable powder, which fishes can eat.

They have also coloured the idols using only natural food materials such as turmeric, chandan (sandalwood) and geru (ochre) and thus there are no harmful chemical in any form present in the idol.

The NGO has also gone a step further, and added special “fish food” so as to attract fishes.

Talking about the making of these idols, Anand Pendharkar, who is the founder of the NGO, said that they have also restricted themselves to not make the idols more than 9 inches in size since a small size idol will make lesser negative impact on the environment.


While Mumbai’s most famous idol, ‘Lalbaug ka Raja’, is usually over 20 feet tall, the concept such as a small idol can do wonders for Mumbai’s water bodies.

Bigger idols take years to dissolve whereas the idols that Sprouts is making will only take 4-5 hours to completely dissolve.


Sprouts already claims to have received calls from over 3,500 people from both home and abroad, ordering ‘fish-food’ idols. The price is just Rs.900 as of now but looking at the growing environmental concern a rise in demand might just increase the price over the coming weeks.


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