There Is A Logic Behind An MP University’s Decision Of Offering Engineering Courses In Hindi

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12:07 pm 20 Aug, 2016

With an aim to end the domination of English in all spheres of India’s education, Madhya Pradesh’s Atal Bihari Vajpayee Hindi Vishwavidyalaya has now started offering engineering courses in Hindi.

According to reports, the university is offering electrical, mechanical and civil streams in India’s most widely spoken language.

Vice Chancellor Dr Mohan Lal Chhipa said, “The process is on for admitting students in electrical, mechanical and civil engineering degree and diploma courses. After completion of the procedure, we will start the classes soon in total Hindi medium.”


The VC correctly pointed out that across the world, many developed countries, too, impart science education in their respective native tongues.

Notable names are Japan, China, Korea, Germany and Israel – all of them tech giants. Even medical education in these countries is imparted in the native tongue.

One of the biggest arguments in favour of Hindi as a medium of instruction is it being the first language of a majority of Indians. Being a first language, understanding concepts in Hindi could be much easier than English for many students.

Also, Hindi as a medium of instruction can perhaps offer a better understanding of ancient Indian scientific treatises, which were written in Sanskrit.

Those in favour of such moves argue that India’s scientific knowledge was advanced even before the anglicisation of the education system.


Kuldeep Rana/HTfile photo

Kuldeep Rana/HTfile photo

It is not that engineering in India is not taught in regional languages; there are books of engineering written in native languages but like most fields in India, the hold of English on engineering is almost watertight.

So Chhipa pointed out that the university had no problem about intake but was only looking to “break this mindset of English that dominated the country for over 250 years”.

“We have to break this mindset that progress is assured through English only,” the VC said.

He added that the university will start the courses from the current session itself.

On whether imparting engineering courses in Hindi be able to generate jobs for the students, Chhipa said that the focus of the University will be on it in such a way that the engineers become job-creators.

Though the VC cautioned that mindset cannot be changed overnight.

The syllabus has already been drafted and faculty appointed to teach the courses in Hindi. Last year, the MP government allowed students to write engineering papers in Hindi.

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