14 Things To Make You Fall In Love With An Engineer Turned Writer

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9:00 pm 15 Sep, 2015

“Choose me with no expectation and I will love you with no limitation”– Anonymous

First few things that come to mind while thinking about love is unconditional, true, loyal and limitless. Different people have their own different ways to express their love. But this is a fact that girls who date engineers feel different kinds of struggles and joys in their relationships. Added twist comes when he knows to play with those flattering words to win your heart


1. They are geeky, mostly in glasses still looks cute.

I don’t know why media represents geeks as unattractive. Engineering plus their passion for writing makes them wear those glasses but don’t you think they look cute in them? Geeks tend to be more socially aware than nerds are. The engineering guys I’ve met are anything but hermits – it’s how I met them in the first place. They are everything but above all really cute!

2.Their huge syllabus makes them look messy with that killer smile.

Engineering doesn’t give them time to take care of themselves and you will always find them in a mess, along with their writing pads and pens. A person who writes, puts his/her heart out. Hence, they don’t have a manipulative mind but have a genuine smile.


3. Instead of any rosy jewelry, they will develop apps for you.

If he is a software engineer be ready for some naughty as well as romantic apps. All their creativity and talent of writing will get converted into apps that will leave you saying, “Awwwwwwww”.


4. You are in a love triangle. You+him+his laptop.

Yes, well his laptop is the only thing he loves apart from you so much. The way they look at you makes you fall for them more and more but the way they look at their laptops and the care they show while carrying them will stoke jealousy. Believe me I understand this pain.

5. They play with words and win the war – every time

They absolutely do this. They are masters of words and with those flattering words, they’re gonna win your hearts each and every single time.


6. Their writings will make you believe that you are beautiful.

Whether they are speaking or writing, their words of praises will leave you mesmerized. Their morning texts, love letters, e-mails and everything will praise your beauty and make you believe in them.


7. Their smartness acts as a force of attraction

Their technical knowledge plus reading habits make them all the way smarter. That will surely attract you two times more than other cases.


8. They remember even the smallest detail

Their brain works as a computer; the art of writing demands details. Hence, they keep a track of everything. They consider everything as important! They won’t forget your special dates.


9. You are the heroine of your writer’s life.

You know you are dating an engineer who is a writer as well, when their fictional characters resemble you. You are not only the lady love of their life but also their write up’s central character.


10. They will write a happy ending of your love story.

I don’t want to generalize here but most of the times they are prove to be true lovers. They read books, they write, they believe in love stories and they dream about penning down a happy ending for their own love story.


11.  They will lie to you only when they surprise you

Much like the authenticity in their smile, they are sincerely in love with you. They don’t woo you and dozens of other girls just to feed their own ego – engineering guys don’t have time (and the heart) for that. When they do things, they always have a point.


12. You will be proposed to in the most unique way

That’s a guarantee as well as an experience. Their interest in books makes them passionate and so do their ideas that are unique. They will want to make that moment most special for you. All this will make them come up with a very creative proposal.

13. Your relationship will be for a lifetime

They take out time to fall in love only once (they are always out of time). Feel lucky if that guy is madly in love with you. He won’t let you go anywhere. You will be their lady love for a life time. Congratulations!


14. You will have ultra smart babies

Well, this is an assumption. Engineering requires a lot of brain power that your partner will have and their writing talent will make your kids good readers. Add some of your talents and knowledge as well, which all together give you a super talented baby.

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