36 Best Engagement Photographs Of The Year

2:00 pm 31 May, 2016

Marriage is one of the most important parts of life. And everybody wants to make their engagement  a memorable one. While it’s entirely up to us where, and how, we want our special moments to unfold, it’s not a bad thing to take a look at others’ to get some ideas of how to make ours a unique one. Here are some of the most incredible engagement photos, which photographers from 35 different countries have submitted to be featured in Junebug Wedding’s 2016 Best of the Best Engagement Photography Collection:


1. A romantic note under a dimly-lit tree at the courtyard.

Pale moonlight


2. In the most unique way- on a lone island.

Engagement photos


3. In the wilderness – a walk to remember.

Engagement photos


4. Saying “yes” to each other with ‘unbreakable’ vows.

Engagement photo


5. In the deep forest.

Engagement photo


6. In a pristine lake.

Engagement photos


7. ‘Together we will walk through thick and thin of life.’

Engagement photo


8. Sealed with a kiss.

Engagement photo


9. ‘Wanna do in a hot way?’



10. With a hundred promises….

Engagement photo


11. On a quiet, excited note…

Among the woods


12. ‘We’re one in this wide world.’



13. In a dimly-lit room, across a table.

Over a table


14. In an adventurous way…

Engagement photo


15. ‘Happy for both of us…’

Engagement photo


16. On a surf board.

In the water


17. ‘Love is on the way, I can see it in your eyes….’

Engagement photo


18. Gazing at what lies ahead of them.

Engagement photo


19. A yes with a tears of joy.

Engagement photo


20. …made for each other.

Engagement photo


21. ‘Happy… let’s add a little more charm to it.’

Engagement photo


22. On a high fun note in the air.

In the air


23. At the entrance, as just the beginning of a new world.

Engagement photo


24. ‘We are in love…’

On the bridge


25. On the way…

Engagement photo


26. Ending a chapter to begin a new one is a happy-sad moment.

Engagement photo


27. Kiss from the back with deep reverence.

Engagement photo


28. Love on a rough, lone highway.

Engagement photo


29. ‘Just happy together with our dog.’

Engagement photo


30. On a simple note… over a cup of coffee.

Over a cup coffee


31. ‘It’s fun moment, let’s celebrate….’

On the bed


32. ‘Here we go…’

In a fun way


33. ‘Our joy knew no bound…’

Engagement photo


34. ‘We decided to climb the ladder of life together…’

Engagement photo


35. The old ways of romance.

Engagement photo


36. On a high fun note, with high spirits.

At the beach


Credit: Junebug Weddings


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