15 Ways To Exit A Relationship With Dignity

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12:00 pm 15 Dec, 2015

Breakups are never simple.

No matter how much you try, when the time comes to part ways, it is always painful and awkward.

Hundreds of songs have been written and long verses coined on breakups. Thankfully, changing times have made us more dignified and respectful about them. If you think s/he is not the one for you, it’s time to pack your bags and move on.

You can do it with dignity and this is how:

1. Have a clear picture in your head of why you want to end things.

You are answerable for this decision. It’s important to give valid reasons and avoid any last minute miscommunication or doubt.


2. Don’t try to hide in the background and vanish one fine day.

Relationships that end on a bad note are added baggage that you carry with you all your life.

The least your partner deserves is decent closure.


3. If you don’t intend to stay put forever, be clear about it from day one.

That way your partner cannot accuse you of leading them on or giving them false hope. And no matter what he or she says, stick to your guns and move out.

A moment of truth is better than months of pretense.


4. If you don’t see it going anywhere, don’t wait for it to come crumbling down.

Trust your gut and end it, before it gets dragged like a dead cat.


5. If you think your partner is ready for it, break the news in private. But if you think it might get ugly, do it in a public place.

The important thing is to look for the perfect setting for the break up.


6. Don’t be a spineless jerk and break up over a text message or an email.

We might be in the 21st century, but we still need to remember our manners. Always break up in person.

Unless she is in Timbuktu and you in Sri Lanka.


7. Be direct, but be kind. It may take them a while to process the news.

Please do not make the situation worse with mixed signals, speak from your heart and avoid beating around the bush.


8. Tell her/him why it isn’t working, but keep it short.

If you are expecting your partner to stand and listen to your gyaan, you have another thing coming.


9. Relationships should be seen like building blocks, be decent and not hurtful.

Avoid saying things you might have to apologize for later.


10. Don’t be nasty and harp on the bad things.

There must have been something that attracted you to her/him in the first place.

A few heartfelt statement will help ease the pain.


11. Stand up for your decision. Don’t blame your family/friends for it.

You obviously didn’t ask them before getting into it. Stick to your guns!


12. Look towards moving on with dignity and without regret. For the both of you.

If you think this is the time to fight over the shopping bill, or the bad dinner date you had a week ago, you seriously need to grow up.

Just put the past behind you and move on.


13. It makes sense to go over the points in your head, and not make it seem like an impulsive act.

This way you will have a fair enough idea of what points to cover and be more in control.

Lesser chances of you getting emotionally bullied.


14. Just break the bad news, and get it over with.

The more you wait, the more pain you will inflict on the other person.


15. Do not wash your dirty linen in public.

It doesn’t need to go up on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Let the world know, but as subtly as possible.


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