Soon “Emotional Detectors” Will Tell You If Someone Really Likes You. But Will They Kill Romance?

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6:23 pm 30 Jul, 2016

What happens to us when we feel a pull of attraction to somebody else? We can’t stop thinking about them for sure, but we also spend a great amount of time wondering if they like us back or not. What if you didn’t have to waste any time wondering? What if you could know instantly whether someone liked you or not?

Researchers at Lancaster University in the UK are developing the technology to build a machine that measures skin, heart rate and pupil dilation to determine love and sincerity at first sight and sound.


Yes, it’s a machine that will let you know if someone you just met likes you. The upgraded instrument is sleek, small and can be connected to your smartphone. Sounds like heaven? No more worrying about whether so-and-so likes you or is being fake. However, this may be more of a hindrance to getting a love life.

Unless your life is like a fairytale, there will be awkward moments, angry moments, can’t-tune-into-each-other moments that are perhaps best ignored and not turned into huge issues, which this machine has the potential to do.


What if you meet someone on a bad day and this machine revealed your not-so-positive feelings at that moment? Sometimes people take a little while to understand someone or warm up to them. And then there’s the fun part of a romance (which can also be the agonizing-yet-fun part of a romance), which is trying to figure out if someone likes you and if there’s chemistry there.

Without a touch of mystery, a romance can be highly boring, so I doubt this machine will do much good.

We still have to wait for the model to hit the market as the researchers are still developing the prototype, which is based on the Voight-Kampff machine from the movie ‘Blade Runner’.

Voight-Kampff machine

Voight-Kampff machine 3ders


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