There’s A ‘Middle Finger’ Emoji Hidden In WhatsApp That You Have No Clue About

You read it right. There is a middle finger salute hiding in the source code and not only this,  there is also a vulcan salute hiding in there too. The secret emoji was discovered by Twitter user Stephen Wilkinson, a criminology student at Staffordshire University.

So, follow the steps to find the hidden emojis.


1. Firstly,  you have to download Whatsapp to your desktop.



2. Next turn the file into a .zip by renaming it.



3. And open the zipped file and click on the “res” folder.



4. Then move to the ‘drawable-hpdi-v4′ folder.



5. And that’s it. You reached your destination.



6. The middle finger emoji is smartly hidden under the file name ‘st1f595′.



7. And the vulcan salute is hidden under the file name  ‘st1f596′.




UPDATE: Also Someone has worked out how to use the middle finger! Simply copy this invisible character in Martjin’s tweet below or copy and paste the character from emojipedia.

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