You Can’t Watch This Video Of Elderly Couple Dancing To Footloose Without Going Teary-Eyed

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7:12 pm 20 Nov, 2016

In our lives, we hardly have time for real conversations anymore. People are so occupied with updating their status, posting pictures of food items, and constantly telling people where they are and what are they upto. Due to the erratic lifestyle, we are having more failed relationships. Real love has become a rare entity or do even have time for love these days?

But, this video of elderly couple dancing together to the 80’s hit song ‘Footloose’ by Kenny Loggins has gone viral and it is giving us serious #Relationshipgoals.

Not only that, if you look closer, you’ll notice they are doing basic Salsa. Simply WOW!


The video has been viewed by more than one million people. Why? Because they are the best most adorable and have won many hearts.

The video was posted by facebook user Madhuri Prativadi.

untitledWe are mesmerised by their by their zeal and love.


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