11 Types Of People Who Wake Up In 11 Different Ways

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7:00 pm 4 Aug, 2015

Waking up at the “Alarmed” time is tougher than cracking the IIT entrance paper, even though you might succeed in getting into IITs  after several failed attempts, but the struggle to wake up at the right time is a battle for a lifetime.

Honestly, sleeping is the best gift to mankind but very few people use it wisely. A good sleep is like a golden chain that binds our health and bodies together.

Our everyday waking-up reactions are totally dependent upon our lifestyle, so here are different types of people waking up in their in own different ways….


1. The gym heroes

They are dreaming of push-ups and pull-ups even when they are asleep. They don’t need a alarm to get up because their pumped-up mind will start ringing when the sun rises.


2. The partially awake

They usually wake up in instalments and take a quick nap wherever they find a decent place to rest their head. For them, sleeping is never really complete unless they take a nice shower.



3. The lost ones

These over-thinkers will waste their time sitting on the bed gazing at the walls. Normally, they would be re-playing all the activities of the day in their head and figuring out what they should do first – gym or  breakfast.

At the end, they would come up with no conclusion and end up doing nothing.


4. The ‘we-live-to-sleep’ types

They are madly in love with their beds and consider sleeping as their birthrights. Waking them up is next to impossible because they can’t betray their sleep for anything.



5. The midnight panic-ers

Please just don’t sleep next to them if at all you wish for a peaceful night. They are so over-motivated to get up early that you usually don’t sleep at all. Their tensed mind never rests (sleeps) in peace.


6. The late comers

The type of “sleeper” class doesn’t care about the morning formalities and their next stop after the bed is their car. They are always running late and finding the car keys is their only morning ritual.

Brush. Car mein.

Dressing up. Car mein.

Breakfast. Car mein.


7.  The fake alarmists

Setting up the morning alarm is their favorite pass-time but they eventually end up setting the record for “Most morning alarms ignored”.


8. The Mamma’s boy

For them, their mom is their “everyday alarm”. They don’t feeling like getting up until their mom’s beautiful (often harsh) tone enters their ear drums.


9. The ‘friends with benefits’ types

They have tried all sorts of crazy things to get up on time but failed and, hence, finally they put their trust in their boyfriend/girlfriend to give them a “wake-up” call.


“You better wake me up or else I will break up”

10. The self-torturing types

They have their own self-invented waking up techniques to kill sleep. It’s not the best way but is always productive in case you need to prepare for exams or have a 7 AM meeting with your boss.



11. The early risers

Before they sleep, they mentally recite the time they want to wake up . This might sound bogus, but it works for them. They actually don’t need an alarm, their punctual mind clocks at the right time.



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