E-Visa Facility A Hit Among Tourists; Online Issuance Sees A Growth Of 1040%

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10:35 am 16 Jan, 2016

India’s E-visa facility, which was started with 40 countries and extended to 113 countries, is showing results!

According to the data released by the tourism ministry, over 4.45 lakh tourists visited India in 2015 as compared to 39,046 in 2014 through online visa scheme. It resulted in a growth of 1,040 per cent.

In December 2015 alone, a total of 103,617 tourist arrived on e-tourist visas as against 14083 in December 2014, resulting in a growth of 635.8 per cent.

The online e- tourist visa facility, which was started in November 2014, allows citizens of other countries to get visa online. The process is easy and takes less time. It was extended to 113 countries against 40 countries previously.

E-visa facility has worked in India's favour travelquotidiano

E-visa facility has worked in India’s favour

The facility has resulted in India moving 13 positions ahead — from 65th to 52nd rank — in the Tourism and Travel Competitive Index, according to the World Economic Forum report.

And if you are thinking Americans were the majority of tourists, then you are wrong.

Interestingly, most tourists came from UK (23.81 per cent), followed by US (19.59 per cent), Russia (9.33 per cent), Australia (5.44 per cent) and Germany (4.86 per cent).

Foreign tourist enjoying a day in India nyoooz

Foreign tourist enjoying a day in India

Also, New Delhi airport witnessed the maximum number of arrivals at 36.23 per cent.

It was followed by Mumbai airport (21.90 per cent), Goa airport (16.54 per cent), Bengaluru airport (5.54 per cent) and Kochi airport (4.68 per cent).


New Delhi has the maximum number of arrivals OneIndia

New Delhi has the maximum number of arrivals

Though earlier tourists had to face some problems with ‘visa-on-arrival’ (initial name), they were resolved by the ministry following complaints.

Also, the ministry now plans to extend the facility for medical visas also.


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