Look Out Disney World, There’s A New Theme Park In Town: Dubai’s Bollywood Parks Opens Soon

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3:09 pm 26 May, 2016

Like all things Bollywood, Dubai’s Bollywood Parks looks like it’s going to be a loud, colorful, extravagant affair. And like all things Emirates, it is one ginormous project!


These Dubai people don’t seem to believe in subtlety and the whole notion of good things coming in small packages. Nahuh! They’re more the “go big, or go home” kinda people. So Bollywood Parks is an enormous undertaking part of an even bigger venture. At 1.7 million square feet, Bollywood Parks stands to become the largest theme park inspired by the Hindi film industry. There’ll be singing, dancing, 3D and 4D rides, live performances, stunt shows, the whole shebang!


With 1.6 million Indian tourists visiting Dubai last year, the numbers only look likely to rise astronomically once Bollywood Parks opens to the public later this year. I guess the Dubai Shopping Festival won’t be the only thing drawing hordes of Indians to the Middle East!

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